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Preterm delivery affects approximately one in every eight births.
Spenser's Story

As told by Spenser's Mom, Gretchen Miller.



Preterm Labor Resources
Everything you need to know about Preterm Labor.
Premature Birth Resources
Your all-in-one resource for information about Premature Birth, Preemies & the NICU.


Spenser's Hope offers Affirmation of Life certificates to families who have experienced the loss of a premature infant.  These certificates act as a marker that your child was here and loved and will always be remembered.


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How do you honor and celebrate your lost little ones?

Come see how we honor and celebrate Spenser and all of his friends.



"I have found the educational materials outlined on the Spenser's Hope website to be extremely helpful for our families as they go through their time in our NICU. There is an incredible amount of information on not only the medical issues that parents will encounter, but on the family and emotional aspects of having a premature infant. Information written from the heart, based on the experiences of the Miller's make their website an incredible resource for any parent going through a similar experience."

Billie Lou Short, MD
Chief, Division of Neonatology






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