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Elegant Women’s Fashion Trends for 2021

Women’s Fashion Trends

It’s the second summer with the pandemic still among us. With lockdown restrictions being lifted, vaccination programs being rolled out and social distancing measures better implemented, we are seeing a glimmer of hope that this summer will be a return to some sense of normalcy. With that, this summer, women will have more freedom and optimism in expressing themselves through their wardrobe.

Here are Women Fashion Trends That will Stand out This Summer:

Face Masks- since the beginning of the pandemic, face masks have become a ubiquitous part of modern fashion and daily wear. Black face masks always look simple and sleek because they can easily match nearly any outfit. Alternatively, women should consider wearing face masks that have the same colour or pattern as their blazer of jacket. For example, a tweed, solid black, or white face mask will pair well with Amber Noir’s signature Hourglass Tweed Blazer. Choosing the right face mask colour should make a big difference on your look and it can be a stylish accessory.

Pleated Cotton Shirt Dresses- for a touch of elegance and effortless style, you can’t beat a Pleated Cotton Shirt Dress this season. Cotton is a timeless fabric which is not only comfortable, but easy to wear, especially on those hot summer days.

Head Scarves- In 1950’s, head scarves were a must-have accessory and they will make a huge comeback this summer. There are hundreds of styles and colours to choose from. Head scarves will not only protect your hair from the sun, but it can also help in minimising exposure to coronavirus transmission. Choose a perfect style to give your outfit a touch of class and elegance. A good example would be a modern-styled head scarf paired with a sleek, figure hugging Ribben Cashmere-Blend Knitted Dress.

Cashmere- there is no better fabric than cashmere when you are trying to pull off an elegant seasonal look. Cashmere is soft, luxurious, and it seems to hug the feminine lines of today’s woman just right. Amber Noir’s Ribben Cashmere-Blend Knitted Dress is a must have in your summer wardrobe collection.

Sustainable Pieces- with people are avoiding the crowd when they go outside, many have turned to adventurism. People prefer to go to empty beaches, hike, or camp in outdoor places where there are no lockdown restrictions. Utility wear is sustainable, functional, and perfect for enjoying summer. It’s also easy to find utility wear that works great for urban strolls. Just pair a utilitarian top with a pair of sustainable vegan leather shorts for a trendy, modern look. Gone are the days where you would look like you are hiking or camping with utility wear. Outfits with multiple pockets, zips and buttons will be all the rage this summer.

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