How to Moisturize Your Dry Hair like a Pro

ByJennifer Alex

Jan 3, 2022 #hair mask
How to Moisturize Your Dry Hair like a Pro

As we all enjoy the winters, snow, summers, and rain it also brings with it various hair and skin problems like dry hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry skin, etc. Your hair puts up with a lot, like from the sizzling heat to the chemical treatments and various other conditions, you put your hair through so much. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when it starts to show signs of damage. Dry hair mainly happens when the scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oils to completely moisturize the hair locks. For many of us, this occurs due to climate changes, lack of care, and for some it’s genetic. In most cases, we blame the summers and the winters for dry hair problems. Definitely, those conditions have a role. But there are more reasons to dry hair.

What is Dry Hair?

Dry hair is mainly brittle hair which is a combination of frizziness, dullness, dryness, and split ends. From mild to severe, the condition of dry hair varies from person to person, with a wide range of causes.

Understanding what causes your hair to become dry is the first and foremost thing:

What Causes Dry Hair?

Hair, whether thick or thin, straight or curly, needs a sufficient amount of moisture. Otherwise, hair strands become lifeless and this leads to dry hair & other related issues including hair loss, hair breakage, split ends, etc. Some of the other reasons to dry hair are:

  • Harsh climate conditions like extreme summer, winter, and even wind
  • Using chemical-rich hair products
  • Excessive number of hair treatments, styling, or blow-dry
  • Usage of chlorinated water for hair during swimming or bathing in pools and spas
  • Insufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the body which cause Anorexia
  • Hair types also play a big part in drying, especially curly hair is more prone to dryness
  • Washing your hair too often
  • Use of rough grooming tools, stiff towels, harsh methods of combing, rubbing of the hair scalp, etc.

Split ends, dullness, frizz, and breakage are all common indicators that show that your strands badly need some moisture. As everyone’s hair texture is different and has its own unique needs, each of us needs to understand our hair first and then customize a hair care regimen with the best products.

If you’re facing problems to dry hair, then read on for some major tips that can help you keep your hair healthy and well-moisturized:

1) Use a Hair Perfector (Pre-Shampoo Treatment): Just like how a face mask works wonders to hydrate your skin, a hair mask or hair perfector also works in a similar way to boost the condition of your dry hair. Known for deep conditioning treatments, the use of these intensive hair conditioners makes your hair softer, shinier, less frizzy, stronger, and even makes your scalp healthier and reduces hair breakage and damage.

2) Use a hydrating Shampoo: Hydrating shampoo is the one that provides adequate moisture to dry and damaged hair. A good, sulfate-free hydrating shampoo not only nourishes your scalp but also helps tame frizziness and adds luster to your tresses. A countless number of brands promises to beat the dryness and hydrate your hair but not all works. Some shampoos are formulated with alcohol, silicone, and sulfates that ultimately make your hair even drier. So make sure you find the best brands and chemical-free shampoo to deal with hair dryness.

3) Hair Conditioner: After use of a shampoo, make sure you use a good hair conditioner to help revive dry hair & replenish moisture to the hair thus bringing in more intense shine and softness. Conditioners usually, penetrate and nourish each hair strand, to protect and improve the health of your hair. It even helps to control hair thinning and thereby helps strengthen hair against future hair breakage, damage, & hair fall. While conditioning, you can even try using a wide comb to safely detangle your strands, when it’s completely coated in conditioner,

How to Moisturize Hair On the Go in Any Situation in Any Situation this  Winter

4) Use a Nourishing Hair Serum: Your dry hair moisturizing routine should not just be during the shower. After the use of a hydrating shampoo and a conditioner, now it’s time to turn out to help with an oil-based hair serum. Much hydrating hair serum is a must-have product to defend dry hair. Packed with a potent concentration of key ingredients this multitasking benefited product offers instant nourishment to transform dry & lifeless hair. Applying onto damp strands after shampooing & conditioning can effectively soften, smoothen and protect your hair from environmental aggressors and give you that perfect shining all day long.

5) Hair Oil: No matter how thin, thick, straight or curly your hair is, using the right hair oil can help you out with many dry hair concerns. If you have dry hair, applying hair oils like coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, macadamia oil, etc. can lubricate your hair strands, nourish and repair, make your hair feel stronger, softer, and shinier, & protect it from external damaging factors.

6) Microfiber Towel: To protect your hair from dryness, try to use microfiber towels or hair turbans as they are much gentle than normal towels and also speed up drying time. Another benefit is the lack of friction caused, leading to less hair breakage & frizziness.

7) Leave-In Conditioner: Before applying any hair styling products or heat style to your hair, make sure you use a leave-in conditioner, but not on a regular basis. This product helps to hydrate, nourish, strengthen and smoothen your hair and also protects hair locks from external damage. Similar to makeup primers, it is necessary to set your hair for the rest of the day.


Even though genetics play a key role, your hair care routines, diet, weather conditions, pollution, and use of hair care products are all critical to maintaining good healthy hair. If you’re someone who doesn’t care your hair or subject your hair to harsh chemical treatments & heat on a regular basis, then you might need to start thinking to rehydrate and restore your hair’s condition through proper hair moisturizing routine.

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