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How to Promote Black Friday Sales for Your Thrift Store

How to Promote Black Friday Sales for Your Thrift Store

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the season. For many, the sales they make on this day rival what they do all year long. Thus, there is no chance your thrift store can miss out on this opportunity. It’s necessary to design a good marketing strategy to make the most of it. To help you with that, here are a few tips on how to get going with the marketing efforts and create a buzz around your thrift store’s Black Friday sale.

Influencer Collaboration

Social media is always a great way to promote anything. Particularly TikTok and Instagram have cemented their place as an outlet where people in the GenZ demographic go to get everything from advice to reviews. It also has the power to make your message reach the widest audiences. Collaborate with influencers who have a substantial following around the area you are based. Ask them to put up posts that let the people know what you’re offering in your special sale. You might like to arrange a visit to the store in advance and give them a tour of the entire space. They’ll put it up on stories on Instagram, etc., and further interest can be generated through this interaction.

Putting up Flyers in your Locale

Design eye-catching flyers to hype up your sales around town. Use bright festive colors on the posters to garner attention from the locals. Mention everything that might be available in the sale on the posters. People might be attracted to your store after reading something specific they might want. Put the posters in spaces where people are most likely to read them. You can use sale posters from PosterMyWall to design noticeable, impressive posters.


Getting free stuff, especially in a festive season, is always a hit among customers. There are several ways to go about it. You can offer giveaways of things that are under $2 at the checkout counter. Or you can set a requirement for the giveaway, for example, whoever purchases $50 or more worth of goods is eligible for a gift. Put up a sign on your shop window to attract more customers.

Offer Bundle Deals

Thrift stores usually have all kinds of products available, from kitchenware to Christmas jumpers. If you bundle similar products together and offer special prices for them, customers will think they’re getting a good value out of it and automatically buy them. Make sure you highlight the real prices of the individual products compared to the cut-down price of the bundled one to drive the point home.

Utilize Flash Sales

Flash sales are a useful prompt in the marketing of thrift stores. They create a sense of urgency in the holiday shoppers helping them feel the need to buy before the deal runs out. You can assign certain hours for a sale before it ends. This will encourage prompt purchases while also keeping the excitement levels high. You can post on your social media profiles timely as well as alert them through stories for the start times of the sale so that no one misses out on your exclusive deals.

Ready-Made Gifts

You can wrap some of the items you think are good for gifting to people. Market them in a nook or corner designed for this purpose. Further, you can charge some more for it. You might think this is counter-intuitive, but people will see the incentive in buying something already wrapped and ready to be left under the tree and impulse buy it.

Quality over Quantity

The items you sell don’t all have to be from big brands, but they should definitely be of good quality. Defected items like a sweater with holes in it, a broken vase, or a second-hand book with pages missing in it should immediately be put aside. Building standards and consequently having a five-star reputation goes a long way. You can even add the more high-value items to a separate collection as the ‘Boutique line’. This will add exclusivity to your store. In addition, more people will flock to it.

Offer Gift Cards

A highly effective marketing tactic is offering gift cards at a lower price. For example, offer a $100 gift card for $80 making the customer feel they’re getting something of value. This will make sure that the customer returns to make future purchases too. Moreover, with gift cards people usually end up spending more than the card’s value which as a result increases sales adding to the benefit of your store.

Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Offer a buy one, get one 50% off deal. It always works wonders. This is another tactic to make people buy more than they usually would. And what better time to do that than the festive season?

You can make a spin-off of this deal, offering 50% off on the entire stock on the morning of the Black Friday sale, then going with the buy one, get one 50% off in the afternoon.

Boost your sales this Black Friday

Black Friday is the day when you can generate huge revenue for your business. By incorporating these marketing strategies in your campaign, you can have a successful Black Friday sale, driving increasing customers to your thrift store during this holiday season.

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