Myths About Gift-Giving You Need to Stop Believing

Myths About Gift-Giving You Need to Stop Believing

The season of giving is finally upon us! We’re bombarded with commercials for big-box stores, free shipping deadlines, and one deal after another.

While it may be fun to pick out surprise gifts for friends and family, there are several myths that you need to stop believing in giving the perfect gift.

#1 Myth: It’s the thought that counts.

Fact: Thought is one thing, but the quality of your gift box is everything. People are more likely to remember how much they enjoyed the experience of giving versus the experience of receiving it. So it’s not only about what you give, but how you give it.

#2 Myth: If I put a lot of effort into my birthday gift, I should receive something really expensive or impressive in return.

Fact: This is one myth that deserves to be shot down immediately. You can give a spouse or romantic partner a huge bouquet of flowers, and they’ll probably enjoy it — and this will be true no matter how much you paid for them.

#3 Myth: If I give someone a special gift I really like, then they’ll like it too.

Fact: You need to know that the purpose of a gift is to make someone happy. Your happiness should not factor into the equation. If you give someone a pair of earrings and they don’t like them, don’t feel bad about it because it’s not your fault.

#4 Myth: If I’m not sure what to buy someone, then I should just stick with a gift card.

Fact: A gift card is a lazy way out if you’re genuinely stumped as to what to get someone. It’s a cop-out for those who really aren’t interested in the thought process behind giving the perfect gift.


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#5 Myth: As long as I know what to buy, I don’t have to do any research.

Fact: It’s always better to be prepared with a list of gifts categories and specific items that you would like to receive. The purpose of a present is to please people, so it’s always smarter for you to do your homework.

#6 Myth: A gift is something that you buy.

Fact: Anything that comes from the heart is a gift. You can give someone your time by taking them out for dinner, sitting down with them to watch their favorite television show, or bringing them to your favorite restaurant for lunch.

The key is not to use money to show someone you care about their happiness in life.

#7 Myth: I should always give my kids video games or toys for Christmas.

The ideal gift for someone continues to evolve, from a plain chunk of wood from your great-grandfather to a fancy new iPad. So, where do you go from there?

To determine the perfect present, you have to look at their personality and what they would like. For example, a luxury vehicle will be perfect for someone who has had a hard week at work and needs a little pick me up.

Gifts Are a Shared Experience

Gifts should be thoughtful, well-chosen gifts, not off-the-top-of-your-head last-minute picks.

The idea is to choose from something you know you can pull off and make the other person happy with it. Don’t overspend but do show you put some real thought into it.