Why Do Fashion Designers Use 3D Printing

Why Do Fashion Designers Use 3D Printing

Since fashion designers and apparel manufacturers realized the advantages of 3D printing, 3D printing in fashion has taken off. Using 3D printing, they can design new forms and geometries never before seen in fashion.

However, they can also prototype and make the clothing manufacturing process more environmentally friendly with 3D printed garments.

Let’s explore the world of 3D printing in fashion and discover for yourself how it may be used in the business.

The 3d Printing In The Fashion Industry:

There are now just a few fashion designers that use 3D printing for their haute couture designs.

Designers and artists who want to create intricate geometric patterns and wearable art might make use of 3D printing in the fashion industry. Many of these designs, on the other hand, aren’t truly wearable on a daily basis.

3D printing fashion is still in its infancy, despite the fact that designers are constantly experimenting and discovering new ways.

Many Practical Applications Of 3D Printing:

With 3D style management, we may utilize it to manufacture accessories, prototypes, and production equipment, increase sustainability efforts as well as enhance customization choices in fashion.

3D Printed Accessories for Fashion:

Rather than creating a whole piece of clothing, 3D printers in fashion are used to add decorations, accessories, and buttons to an existing design.

Using 3D printing, it is possible to quickly build small end-use items. It is possible to create distinctive decorations for a garment by using flexible materials, such as TPU. Costume jewelry with complicated geometric forms also benefits from 3D printing.


In the fashion sector, professional 3D printers are used to create prototypes and production equipment, and this is not an exception.

Prototypes and concept models for each new Camper shoe collection are produced using the BCN3D printer. These days, its designers can obtain a greater sense of the volume and form of their projects thanks to the usage of many on-site 3D printers.

Using 3D printing to swiftly evaluate the practicality of their concepts encourages designers to take greater chances. Designers have more time and flexibility to come up with fresh unique ideas when they may prototype multiple design iterations.

Using a 3D printer, you may design tools that aid in the creation of the finished garment or accessory.


Mobile Couture: French Designer Creates World's First Fashion Collection  Produced by a Smartphone – Samsung Newsroom U.K.

With an increasing number of fashion designers and businesses focusing on environmentally friendly ways to produce their collections, 3D printing is gaining popularity in the fashion industry.

ZER, a Spanish clothing company, is an excellent illustration of this. It is via the usage of additive manufacturing that they are able to remain a viable player in the fashion sector.

Print just the quantity of goods that you require using 3D printers to develop their own designs. As a result, they are able to reduce the number of materials wasted per garment.

It is possible to reuse and recycle materials to produce new designs using 3D printers, which aids sustainable fashion initiatives. ZER is also making an effort in this area, which might be of interest to a wide range of firms wanting to improve their environmental footprint.


Finally, fashion 3d printing provides new possibilities for personalization. Brands may begin to design and manufacture products depending on the unique wants and body parts of their customers.

Adidas, a German sportswear business, is testing this idea since 2015. They developed a shoe that every runner can wear thanks to the use of running data collected from runners. Today, they’re still experimenting with other 3D-printed shoe versions.

The Bottom Line:

To summarize, 3D printing is making a name for itself in the fashion business, from the final products themselves to the manufacturing procedures that go into them.

Designers who want to create intricate geometric patterns might make use of 3D printing. Everybody will have a lot of fun as this technology progresses and you develop new ideas, strategies, and concepts.