Electric Shaver or Razor

Electric Shaver or Razor

For anyone who is looking for shaving his head, the biggest question is what tool to use to shave off the manes. With the constant comparison between a conventional razor and an electric shaver, anyone is supposed to be confused and in a dilemma in what to opt for. Conventional razors have been around for a much longer period and have been the only choice for many generations, however with the advent of electric head shaver, the popularity seems to be shifting. Shaving is one of the key grooming steps for any man that helps in creating a dashing appearance. However, shaving in general means shaving the facial hairs but here we would like to concentrate on head shaving which has emerged to be one of the trending hairstyles in the contemporary years. Head shaving is mostly adopted by men who are heading towards potential baldness because of excessive hair fall. However, apart from impending baldness as a prospective reason, some men also accept baldness as a choice or as a fashion statement. In all cases, what comes before everything else is an efficient shaving tool that can be convenient both in handling and results.

In able to look for one’s preferences it is important that you know about the differences between a conventional razor and an electric razor. Knowing the basic and the functional differences between both can help you in deciding which can work best for you.

  • According to popular belief, anyone with sensitive skin should avoid the use of conventional razors for head shaving as they can end up having razor burns or redness because of its use. On the other hand, head shaver are ergonomically designed to slide through the shape of your dome to give a clean and smooth shave without burns and cuts.
  • Electric shavers are a mess-free option as unlike conventional razors you need not use lather or foam to shave and you can simply shave in dry conditions. Moreover, these shavers are also designed to work both in wet and dry situations. Whereas, conventional razors require water and also soap or shampoo to shave and are comparatively a messy business.
  • Electric razors are also a time-effective option as it takes lesser time and is convenient to use at any time of the day. In case you are running late and have to give a final touch to our shaved head then electric shavers are the thing for you. It takes lesser time and does the task just fine.
  • However, in the cost section, whereas the conventional razor is quite budget-friendly in comparison, the electric shavers are on the expensive side but can be considered an investment. But in the long run, manual razors cost you more as every shave requires a new shaver head, it requires foam or soap, water, and most importantly your time.
  • The downside of manual razors is that it requires more time to achieve the goal and so in the busy lifestyle it stands little chance to survive the competition with electric razors, most electric razors promise to give a clean shave in just 3 minutes.
  • The electric shavers come with a shaving kit that includes trimmers and clippers and all in all, is a complete shaving solution. They are travel friendly and can run both in charged and direct plug-in ways. Moreover, they are safe and don’t stand a chance of any kind of injuries.
  • On one hand, where the requirement of an odd charge or an electric source for an electric shaver can be considered a fallback, on the other hand, the portability and efficiency is something that gives it the upper hand. Besides, electric shavers are also versatile and designed to effectively travel through the dome and shave the hairs without any potential harm.
  • Manual razors, again are known for being a risky option as very often it ends up giving nicks and cuts and also razor burns that fail to give an impressive smooth finish.

Considering all the pros and cons and deciding on what fits your preferences is absolutely your call and these pointers can be of help to make the final decision. If the main goal for you is to get a fast and effective shave then the choice definitely has to be the electric head shaver as going electric means you can have a quick shave and clean shave under any circumstance. Electric shavers are getting more popular for their versatility as they are equipped to work in different lengths, especially for shaving the head which requires special care and proficiency. Moreover, the functionality of electric shavers includes rolling the skin and forcing the hair into an ideal position for cutting which prevents cuts and scratches that comes with the sharp blades of a manual razor.

Over to You:

These insights into the functioning and the uses of the manual razor and a head shaver can guide you towards the best tool for head shaving and depending on your preferences you can select the one that fits your requirements. However, in the technologically dependent world, the electric shavers have brought quite the buzz for the number of advantages it has over other popular shaving tools for men. With the lesser risk of cuts and burns and also the reduction of ingrown hairs in addition to the time-effective factors, electric shavers are here to change the experience for sure.