What Types of Zippers are Available Today?

What Types of Zippers are Available Today?

There are now different types of zippers you can find in the market, with the most common and popular ones including the following:

Stamped Metal Zippers

Stamped metal zippers are among the types of zippers that feature metal teeth. The metal teeth can be moved up and down the zipper tape. These stamped metal zippers are renowned for their quality and durability.

But if you are not using these zippers regularly, these types of zippers might stick to the zipper tape which can lead to rust formation, making it much harder for you to move this up and down.

It is common to see stamped metal zippers in bags, jackets, and leather material. These zippers add a bit of weight to the project while giving a more regal appearance to the fabric where they are attached.

This kind of zipper is the ideal option for heavy-duty materials, allowing you to make a statement and stand out from the rest. You can find a selection of these zippers at https://www.zippershipper.com/brass-metal-zippers.

Stamped Plastic Zippers

Stamped plastic zippers are among the types of zippers that are commonly seen in the market. A stamped plastic zipper is molded on the tape of the zipper. Some claim that the makers melted the plastic on the zipper tape for improved performance. They used low-priced materials to make this zipper, which eventually leads to the cost.

Stamped plastic zippers have stiff teeth. Therefore, you can find this kind of zippers easily at more reasonable prices. But you have to be careful when you use a relatively posh fabric since these zippers might not be suitable for them. Instead, these types of zippers are best used for children’s clothing or their little cute handbags.

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Coil Zippers

The coil zipper is no doubt the most popular out of all zippers. These zippers are renowned for their ease of use, flexible construction, and durability. These zippers can be easily sewn into any type of fabric, and you can still expect the same results. These zippers can add a touch of authenticity to the clothing, which makes you look your best every time you wear them.

These types of zippers are made with nylon or polyester teeth that make it simpler to stitch them to the zipper tape. Coil zippers can be used for all lightweight projects you have.

If you don’t like your zipper to stand out or gain much extra attention from the onlookers, these zippers are the best ones to use. They will give the project a relatively subtle look, whether it is your purse, knit jacket, or bag.

Invisible Zippers

The invisible zippers are among the most exotic kinds of zippers out there. The moment the tailor sews these zippers into a project, you can no longer see them from the outside. It is because they sew the invisible zipper’s teeth inside the zipper tape. The moment the zipper is there, you can only feel them. Formal wears, fancy dresses, and gowns have invisible zippers to keep them elegant and classy.