How French Skincare May Slow Down the Aging Process

How French Skincare May Slow Down the Aging Process

It is no secret that French skincare products are among the top favorites in the United States and the rest of the world. There is a good reason for this. Many of the brilliant minds that created these products have a common belief: quality. It takes a mixture of science and dedication to greatness to create the kinds of products that are gentle on the skin, but fierce against the elements that cause damage.

The Aging Process Explained

Most of us are already aware that as time continues to seemingly move forward, our bodies naturally begin to deteriorate. One of our largest enemies in life is the cold and relentless factor of time. In addition to time being the enemy to the skin, there are also factors such as:

  • The sun’s rays
  • Wind
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor eating habits

Since the skin is an extension of our own internal bodies, when we are unhealthy it is visible in our appearance. There is a multitude of reasons for this, however, we can break it down into simple terms.

Every person on the Earth experiences the damaging effects of free radicals. In simple terms, free radicals are unstable atoms that cause damage to cells. Every living organism on the planet is subject to cellular damage because of these unavoidable quantum murderers.

As the free radicals destroy cells, the aging process is accelerated. Since free radicals can come from just about anywhere it is difficult to stop them from entering the body through anywhere they can fit. In fact, the sun’s rays can cause free radicals in our bodies just by contact.

As these radicals enter the body they continue to bounce around and cause damage to the walls of our veins, our organs, and the walls of our skin. The more exposure to uninhibited free radicals, the faster a person will age.

So, yes, the passing of time is unavoidable…but given the fact that free radicals are responsible for much of the aging process, it is very possible to limit the exposure to free radicals and defy the aging process.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Here is the good news. There are compounds available that actually help to neutralize free radicals. These compounds are known as antioxidants, and they are very powerful. Antioxidants come in the form of fruits, vegetables, berries, plants, and other naturally occurring sources around the world.

Antioxidants have the ability to share a tiny part of their energy with free radicals in a way that takes the damaging characteristics of the atom away and causes it to be harmless. When antioxidants encounter free radicals, wherever they are, they automatically deactivate the free radical without question. This is science at its finest.

So antioxidants inhibit the process of oxidation that causes cellular damage. Where there is a way to inhibit the oxidation process, there is a way to inhibit the aging process itself. This is where many of the French skincare products get their power. Antioxidants.

Replenishing the Skin

On top of the beating that skin already gets from unrestrained antioxidants, there are a number of other factors that lead to skin damage. As the sun hits the skin for prolonged periods of time it dries it out and can even burn it, as many people are already aware of. However, many people are unaware that if they do not drink enough water their skin can become dry and chaffed.

The wind is another factor that wreaks havoc on the skin. If a person is exposed to relentless winds on bare skin, the wind can dry all of the moisture from the top of the skin and cause problems.

When skin becomes dried out and gets the nutrients stripped away from it it becomes unhealthy and lacks the moisture that it needs to remain flexible and supple.

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One of the main reasons to use a moisturizing lotion is to bring vitality and suppleness back into the skin after it has been stripped of its moisture and nutrients. French skin products use natural moisturizing agents coupled with rich antioxidants in order to bring a combination of healing and preservation into one application.

Secret Waters

There are a few well-known French skincare companies that claim to have access to springs with incredible healing agents that are infused with the water. Apparently, there are certain minerals that only exist in specific parts of the world that cause a function within the water that helps to speed up the healing process of burns and other skin damage.

Some of these great manufacturers infuse the water directly into the skin products that they produce. The end result is a high-quality lotion or creme that helps to heal damaged skin and provides powerful antioxidants that fight off aging.

The springs that produce the water have been flowing for thousands of years and the water that flows throughout them has been traveling over miles and miles of limestone rocks that contain natural reserves of selenium. Selenium, believe it or not, is a very strong antioxidant that fights hard to deactivate free radicals.

Slowing Down the Aging Process

We discussed how antioxidants cause damage on a cellular level, which in turn, causes the telltale signs of aging. Skincare products that focus on the prevention of oxidization while refreshing and maintaining the balance of moisturizing components that keep the skin healthy automatically contribute to the art of age defiance.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and nutritionally sound eating habits, a high-quality French skincare lotion will help to slow down the destruction that everyday life causes within the average human being.  In addition to lotions and cremes, there are also formulas that are created to exfoliate the skin and remove any dead layers that can cause blemishes and itching.

The French have been creating natural products for a long time. By now they have all of the secrets that many of their competitors wish they had. However, most of the other skincare entities in other countries neglect the power of natural healing and try to fix everything with chemicals. This is what makes the French ideas stand tall.