How to Find the Best Bra for You

ByJennifer Alex

Jun 9, 2022

Image: Airwear Every Day Wear Extremely Soft Bra Trio

When it comes to finding the perfect bra, you have to know it really isn’t an easy task. It is not like going to the store, getting the first one you think your size is and expect for it to fit perfectly.

Bras come in different styles and materials, which makes them look different in different bodies. And we have to have in mind that also all bodies are different. Even if some are very similar not everything will fit the same to everybody. But it is good to have a reference point. I think that now that brands are starting to be more inclusive, having plus size models modeling the clothes and underwear helps a lot for this.

I really hope that your country is generally more inclusive when it comes to bras than mine. Honestly the biggest size you can find over here tends to be a 34 C. If you’re lucky you can find a 36 C. I honestly really when brands just focus in the standard sizes and still don’t learn that there are different bodies and boobies.

I hope you guys also love having comfortable underwear, even if it means you wear a best wireless bra on the daily. Honestly, I’ve been doing it lately and it is very comfortable. At this age, in my 30s, I still want to feel sexy but over all of that I want to be comfortable. Waiting to until it’s time to remove my bra shouldn’t be all I want to do at the end of the day.

If you find a revolutionary sports bra that not only gives you support on the girls but also makes you feel comfortable… girl, go for it. It’s fine if you want to wear a sports bra all day long. Anyways, I also want to share with you some of my tips to find the right bra size.

Image: AirWear Comfort Revolution Sports Bra

My Best Tips To Find Your Right Bra Size

As someone that has struggle to get the right size bra and in general bras for her size, I want to share a few of my tips on finding the right bra size. If possible, look online at underwear stores. If you can, choose the stores that you know are more size inclusive and that will have plus size models modeling the products. This will give you an idea of what kind of underwear style and more specifically what bra style and material will look the best for your body.

Try not to get the same, just use that as a reference on styles that might look great on you. Then, go to a underwear store and get yourself fitted. They always have people for that, that are specialized and will know what will fit you best. They will of course measure you and base on that they will give you some option based on that measure.

If what they give you is way too expensive, just ask for a cheaper option that will fit you the same as the other ones. I’ve been there and had to ask for something on a cheaper side and it’s fine. Not everything will be on our budget. The most important thing is that you find comfortable underwear for women that is between your budget and makes you feel great.

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