Timeless Spring Clothes: 4 Versatile Basics

Timeless Spring Clothes: 4 Versatile Basics

After a long winter and heading into spring, new trends will go out of style very quickly. That’s why at Vlone we bet on the basics, because it never goes out of style. Today we dare to put together a wardrobe to celebrate this beautiful season that many of us like. The timeless garments for spring are those that, although they are not the latest trend, have their particularity of being coupled with almost any other clothing in our wardrobe. They are versatile, comfortable and above all, we will always be in fashion, even if time passes. For this spring version, we will present you 4 timeless garments to enjoy on any occasion.

The Classic Flower Dress: One Of The Timeless Garments For Every Spring

As the saying goes, “spring, whether it sings or cries, never comes without flowers.” Well, the dresses don’t come without flowers either. This will be the garment that you will like to have for all springs. In fact, you probably already have it in your closet.

Long and shirt (with buttons) or short with a wide skirt will be the most desired for this spring-summer 2021 season. The best thing about these dresses is that you can wear them alone with sandals and be fresh all day. Or you can also combine it with a leather jacket for the night.

Spring Is For Cardigans

If your style is more vintage, a cardigan always comes in handy. Since the time of our grandmothers, cardigans occupy the wardrobe of many women. It is a garment that, due to its versatility, gives us shelter, but also combines with many other garments that we already have.

Best of all, it will serve us both for spring and for when autumn is coming. Don’t worry, if the knit is fine / light you can also take it to the beach on summer nights. Bet on the most classic designs and thus you will have a wonderful garment for almost the whole year. It is also an ideal garment for your capsule wardrobe.

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Timeless Clothes For Spring: The Blazer In A Neutral Color Will Never Fail

Although the days are warmer, at night we still need a coat, because the temperature drops. The blazer becomes relevant at this time, if you do not have it yet, you can bet on a neutral color such as black, white or beige. You will highlight any look just by putting it on.

Many may think that the blazer has masculine touches, but well combined you can give it more femininity. For example, with a romantic cut blouse and linen pants you will totally change the masculine style of the blazer. Not to mention if we combine it with a flowered dress.

Spring Dresses In White

Do not hesitate to rummage through your closet, because you surely have some white jeans. Being a neutral color, white jean (of any cut) is ideal for spring days. You can combine it with a blouse, shirts or even choose a total look combined with the accessories that you like the most such as vlone tees.

Just as they say that black goes with everything, white also. Here you can get creative and choose any other color. White jean has this particularity that it goes well with the rest of our wardrobe.