The Importance Of Durability When Choosing Fabrics For Your Products

The Importance Of Durability When Choosing Fabrics For Your Products

When manufacturers choose fabrics for clothing, furniture, and other products, it is important that they not only focus on style and price, but durability as well. By being durable, upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics, and furnishing fabrics won’t wear out as quickly and customer satisfaction will increase dramatically.

With That in Mind, We Are Going To Take A Look At The Importance Of Durability When Choosing Fabrics For Your Products:

Strong Construction- durable fabrics are tightly and properly woven to ensure better strength, so they can’t be pulled apart easily. Seam strength is important for protection against fire in industrial settings.

Resist Abrasion- abrasion is a particularly big problem for furniture and seating manufacturers. Durable fabrics won’t wear away as easily when rubbed against other objects and they won’t lose their colours or crack due to frequent usage. Less durable fabrics may look worn easily, especially if fibres begin to become loose due to constant abrasion.

Retain Colour Better- if you choose dark-coloured curtain fabrics, they will begin to fade from constant sunlight. Durable fabrics from Create Fabrics retain their colour longer and your curtains and drapes won’t look faded or blotchy so soon. Fading caused by prolonged exposure to the sun can be prevented by choosing high quality, durable fabrics as they can resist UV rays better.

Fire Resistance- fire resistant fabrics are important for use in homes, schools, offices, and other organisations. When choosing upholstery fabrics for commercial use, make sure that fire resistance is a permanent component. If the manufacturer applies a fire retardant material after the fabrics are finished, its fire resistance property may diminish gradually.

Stain Resistance- high quality fabrics repel and release stains much more easily than lower quality materials. Stain repellent material should be integrated directly in the manufacturing process, so fabrics will resist stain permanently.

Odour Resistance- fibres of higher quality fabrics can absorb and release perspiration easily during washing process. If fabrics retain chemicals or allow germs to multiply, they will begin to smell, even when washed regularly. For longer usability, make sure that the fabrics you choose for your manufacturing needs have good odour resistance.

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