How to Choose an Affordable Bean Bag Chair?

How to Choose an Affordable Bean Bag Chair?

Bean bag chairs are some of the most iconic chairs today. This is because, for the most part, they are comfortable and score high in the form aspect. Ideally, bean bag chairs offer great traits, and this makes them highly popular today.

But when looking for one to buy, a lot is usually at stake. Since quality varies and the appearance also differs, it makes perfect sense to choose wisely. Don’t go around buying the first one that comes by. At the very best, a client must consider some factors to improve the chances of finding the best chair.

It is also excellent to note that it is uncommon to find bean bag chairs in retail stores. This is true, especially when the quality factor is put into consideration. For the most part, bean bag chairs are sold online. But this can be quite scary, putting in mind the hefty amount of money injected into the buying process.

So, the biggest question someone may be asking out there is how to get the best chairs. On the other hand, others cannot help but ask where to get the affordable bean bag chairs. Fortunately, this article addresses some of these critical questions. Below are some of the basic considerations and what to look out for.


Warranty is one of the essential provisions every manufacturer should offer for every product. And when it comes to bean bag chairs, the demand is still the same. Ensure the manufacturer you are buying from stands behind the quality of the bean bag chair. Different providers offer varied warranty periods, and it is an excellent idea to check on this before purchasing one. The warranty information should be clear as well.

Removable Washable Cover

A good bean bag chair should have a removable cover. So, one of the questions one should ask before settling in a bean bag chair is whether they can remove the bean bag cover. Other chairs come with a removable cover but can not get it off the chair. This is not anything good as it limits the lifespan of the chair. Even when it comes to spotting cleaning, the cover will still get dirty. Never forget this when buying a bean bag chair.

Quality Materials

The quality of any product someone buys matters a lot. And the case for bean bag chairs isn’t any different. Before a buyer thinks about anything to do with an affordable bean bag chair, he or she should check the quality of the material. For instance, choosing upholstery or furniture-grade fabrics is an excellent idea. That is because they are, for the most part, stain-resistant and will stand the test of time. The durability of the material is key to withstand wear and tear in the long run. So, by all means, avoid cheap fabrics.

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Size of The Bean Bag

Deciding on the best size of a bean bag can be pretty challenging. More often than not, the dimensions are given in a range of units, making the whole thing an uphill task. But that is not the challenge alone when deciding on the size. In most cases, people buy bean bag chairs for general use, and how can one determine the right size for anyone who will want to use it? A rule of thumb is to choose a bean bag chair that will fit in the room and accommodate individuals of median height and weight.

Check on Comfort

One of the main reasons why people buy bean bag chairs is for that ultimate comfort. And, of course, the level of comfort differs for each chair. The buyer should pick a bean bag chair that will fit the desired purpose. For instance, for individuals who like gaming, the chair should support an upright seating position. Whereas for those who love to snuggle when watching movies, the chair should support the whole body. Ideally, the comfort level of these chairs depend on how one will want to use them,

Ask Questions

It is not like everyone has the experience of using bean bag chairs. For the first time, it is an excellent idea to seek clarification before buying. Since most bean bag chair providers are online-based, phone or email them for further information. The company should respond to the queries fast enough and guide the clients on what is best. Buying the wrong bean chair online can be an expensive mistake. Avoid this as much as possible. The buyer should take his or her time before making the order.


Bean bag chairs come in various quality and designs. These two are enough to influence their prices. But that isn’t an excuse for a buyer to settle on anything that appeals to the eye. That is true, especially for anyone looking for the most affordable bean bag chairs. While some companies are committed to offering affordable chairs, the chances are that this depends on the quality of the materials used. So, before buying, it is advisable to check on what makes each chair vary in price. But never compromise quality over prices. And never go against the already set budget to get something else because it is cheaper or any variance like that.

The Fillings

The next question or aspect to check is how the bean bags are filled. In most cases, bean bags are filled with polystyrene beads. The bean bag chairs can come either pre-filled or with a removable inner liner. With the case of pre-filled chairs, it means the manufacturer did the difficult work of filling them to the needed capacity. But with a removable inner liner, users can add or remove the fillings as it pleases them.

Final Words

The choice of a perfect bean bag chair depends on a lot. But for individuals looking for affordability above anything else, the considerations narrow significantly. Yet, the need for due diligence before buying one is essential. The top of the list includes buying from a reputable company dealing with these items. Also, considering the above-listed factors will improve the chances of making the right decision.