Common Football Betting Lines

Common Football Betting Lines

This section will give you an overview of some of most popular football wagers. This section is a good place to start if you are new to แทงบอล betting. If you are more experienced, you might find some of these bets new to you and it is worth learning about them so you can make better decisions in the future. You can find our comprehensive football betting guide below if you want to know more about these bets and other types.

Moneyline Bets

The moneyline wager is the most popular football bet. Because of its simplicity, this bet is very popular. This bet is very simple. You just need to choose which team you believe will win the match. You’ll win your moneyline wager if you choose the winning team correctly.

You can also place a moneyline bet on a draw. This is one option you have to choose from when placing your money. This option is not very common but some people do use it.

Over/Under Bets

The under/over bet is another popular wager on football. The sportsbook will publish the total number of goals they expect both teams to score in this bet. The bettor will then have to decide whether you think the total goals from each team will exceed or fall below the total provided by the sportsbook. You must correctly predict the outcome of the match to win this wager.

Let’s take an example: suppose that MGM Grand’s sportsbook publishes a 2.0 over/under total on a football match. Analyzing the game will help you determine if the teams will score more goals or less. If you believe it will be greater, you’ll place the over. If you think it will be lower, you’ll place the under. It’s as easy as that!

Spread Bets

Another popular football bet is spread betting. The sportsbook will then assign the number of goals they believe the favorite team should win. They might declare that only one team is likely to win. You’ll choose the side that you believe will cover the spread if you decide to place a bet on the spread.

If you choose the favored team that will cover the spread in the example above, they must win by at least 2 goals. If you decide that the underdog will be covered, then they will need to either win the game or draw the game.

Halftime Results

Another simple bet on football is this. This bet is very simple. You simply need to choose which team will win the match at halftime. If you believe that the teams will be tied at the end of the first half, you can also bet on a draw.

Correct Final Score

The correct final score wager is one of the most difficult football bets to win. This wager requires you to be exact in your prediction of the final score. This is not the total number. Instead, you will need to determine how many goals each team will score at the end of the match. You could bet that the home team wins the match by scoring a 3-2 victory over the away team. To win your wager, this score must be exact. You’ll get a nice payout if you win one of these bets.

Top Tips for Successful Football Betting

Both Teams to Score

The both teams to score wager is another simple football bet. This bet is on whether you think either team will score a goal during the match. You only have two options when placing this bet: yes or no. This wager is only possible if you correctly predict which team will score the goal.

Goalscorer Wagers

Another popular bet on football is the goalscorers. Three main bets are worth mentioning here. The first is the goal scorer wager. This is where you will choose which player of either team you believe will score the first goal. You can also bet on the last goal scorer. This bet will allow you to pick the player you think will score the last goal. Another common option is the anytime goal scorer. You will simply need to choose a player from either side that you believe will score a goal during the match.

These wagers can be a little more difficult to win, as you’ve probably noticed. This is because there are many variables to consider, rather than just two as with the other wagers. These bets have variables that include all active players on both teams. The good news is that these bets will usually pay more if you are able to guess correctly, as they are more difficult to win.

Score or no score

You can also look at the score/no-score wager if you are looking for simple football bets. This bet is simple. You simply need to decide whether one team will score throughout the match. This is another popular football bet.

Future Wagers

Futures bets are available for more important เว็บแทงบอล events, such as league championships or tournaments. These types of bets will allow you to select a future outcome. You might, for example, pick the team you believe will win the World Cup before the tournament begins. Futures bets tend to be focused on the winner of an overall tournament or championship.

Parlay Bets

Parlays, also known as accumulator betting, are quite complex. You’ll be placing a series of bets that all fit under the same umbrella. For example, you could bet on three different football tournament games. This type of bet requires you to correctly choose the winner of each of the three games. If you lose, your wager will be canceled. Because they are so hard to win, you will receive a large payout if you get one of these bets right.

Grand Salami Bet

The Grand Salami wager is a great option if you are looking for an over/under bet that has an extra twist. A sportsbook will give a total number for goals they expect to score between two or more games on the same day. It’s up you to decide if the total is higher or lower than this. If you believe it will be greater, bet the under. If you believe it will be lower than the published total, then bet the over.

Scorecast Bet

The Scorecast wager is our last bet. This bet is among the most difficult to correctly pick in football. Here’s why. You must first choose which player on each team will score the goal. It’s not an easy task, but you must also pick the final score for the game. If you are able to correctly pick, you will be handsomely rewarded by the sportsbook with a handsome payout.