How To Wish Someone On Their New Job?

How To Wish Someone On Their New Job?

There’s a lot to be happy about in getting a new job. It’s a fresh start with a new job, fresh prospects, and new people to meet. When a close buddy gets a promotion or gets hired by a firm, they’ve long admired, it’s even more joyful.

We’ve got just the right way to convey “congratulations on your new job” to someone special. Here are some of our favorite ways to say “congratulations” along with some suggestions for presents that are sure to please the recipient.

1. Give Them A Treat

A trip to the local ice cream parlor or a chocolate shop is the perfect way to say congratulations to someone on their new job. It’s a delicious treat they won’t soon forget and will be sure to appreciate.

2. Throw Them A Party

If you want to go all out, throw them a party for their new job. Tell all of their friends about it and have fun celebrating them at a restaurant or party venue of your choice. Just make sure you get the present in an appropriate box!

3. Send Them A Gift

This is our favorite way to say congratulations because it’s personal and thoughtful. It’s a gift they’ll cherish and appreciate. Just make sure you send it the day after their new job starts.

For those times when you don’t have time to pick up a present, consider sending a text message or calling instead. The recipient will still be thrilled to get your well wishes on their new job!

4. Send Them A Greeting Card

If you want to send a handwritten congratulations but don’t have the time to drop by the card store, consider purchasing a greeting card online from Lino Lord. These come in different shapes and sizes including Cornish pebbles, chic prints, Cornish prints, coastal prints, artichoke print, coastal print, homeware prints and giftware prints.

5. Write Them A Letter

Sometimes it’s just hard to say what you need to say over the phone or text message. If you want to make sure your congratulations on their new job stands out, consider writing them a letter instead. Whether you write it on paper or type it up into an email, your sentiments will come across loud and clear.

Bottom Line

The beginning of a new job is an exciting time in a person’s professional life. It’s the right time to recognise their efforts and commend them on their promotion or significant move, whether it’s inside the business or to another.

Make them happy by writing a personal message in a well selected and tailored congrats card. Sending a card and a present to congratulate someone on a job change is a meaningful way to show your support. For more information, visit Lino Lord.