Halloween-Inspired Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

ByJennifer Alex

Oct 5, 2021
Halloween-Inspired Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

If your boyfriend loves movies, listens to music, and can’t resist dressing up for Halloween, here are 10 creative birthday gifts you can make for him.

Hopefully, your guy will enjoy these unique creations more than any of the traditional birthday presents you could have bought him.

1. Movie Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Do you want to go vintage? Then, this is the perfect birthday gift for an old-school boyfriend who loves music. This record plays the theme song from Halloween, and it can also play other scary-themed songs like Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and The Shining. (The “Father’s Day” record will be coming soon.)

2. Various Movie Posters in a Frame

If you and your boyfriend live in a small space, this is the present box to get him. It takes up less than two square feet of wall space and can display his love for scary movies differently.

3. Batman-themed Shirt

This Batman shirt is made of 100 percent cotton and is perfect for any fan of the character. It looks even better than the classic Batman movie T-shirt, but with a Halloween twist.

4. The Shining-themed Mug

This marvelous mug features a drawing of Jack Torrance from The Shining holding a knife in his hand. It’s not only the most incredible mug he’ll ever drink out of, but it’s also a great way to remind him how much you care about him every morning.

5. Jack Daniel coffee set

For spooky coffee lovers, make him happy with a Jack Daniel Halloween-themed coffee gift box. It includes a mug, a tasty coffee ornament, and a coffee holder.

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6. Ouija board beer stein

Are you looking for a unique drinking glass for your drinking buddy? This stein is engraved with a classic ouija board that can be used as a beer glass or cool decoration.

7. Skull shot glasses complete set

Can’t decide what birthday gift he’ll love? Try to surprise him with this one.

This ten-piece skull shot glass set has different patterns on each glass, but they all have one thing in common: they’re made of ceramic, which makes them pretty strong and heavy duty.

8. Traditional vintage Jack O’Lantern

If your boyfriend likes the popular Jack O’Lantern pumpkin (but hates carving pumpkins), then get him this traditional Jack O’Lantern made out of ceramic. It looks so cool on display, and it can also hold small trinkets inside, like his favorite candies.

9. Jack Skellington-themed sunglasses

Make his eyes do a double-take with these Jack Skellington-themed sunglasses. They resemble a cool character from a dark movie, and they also come with an eye patch that he can wear while he’s sleeping for some added spookiness.

10.Personalized beer bottle

This beer bottle is terrifying because it comes with a demonic face engraved with the recipient’s name. So now he can drink beer and look like a scary character at the same time.

If your boyfriend is anything like the characters in all those movies you love, he definitely deserves something just as unique and fun. As a bonus, you’ll be able to tell people that he’s got a creepy side to him. We all do, just not usually on Halloween and not generally as fantastic and imaginative as this.

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